All transactions must be paid as agreed upon upfront (prior to shipment). Sellers must secure payment prior to shipment on all transactions with the possible exception of sales to Dealernet Elite Members (gold star on listings) which are covered for up to $10,000 in the event of non-payment through the Dealernet transaction assurance program. Elite members also are able to pay upon receipt (due within 2 business days without exception). Both options are available only to Elite Members on all offers and can be revised or accepted determined by the parties involved. Dealernet is a peer-to-peer marketplace, which means payment timing, method and terms must be clearly stated and agreed upon by both parties before the offer is accepted and any product and funds are exchanged.  Once buyer and seller have accepted an offer, it is deemed to be binding and both members are anticipated to honor the terms and conditions stated without exception.

Members can utilize any available methods to process payments including but not limited to:  Paypal, Credit Card, Venmo, Bank ACH/Wire, Check and Zelle.  Paper checks sent via usps are not an accepted form of payment due to possible delays and inability to provide tracking.  If paper check must be used, then buyer must utilize expedited service with tracking # to ensure it is received as agreed upon.

Dealernet also offers EFT credits for members to settle transactions at no additional costs or fees. For more information regarding how EFT credits work, please read the FAQ section linked here.  Members can transfer unlimited credits to other users - up to their available balance.

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