Submitting Offers
All direct offers (shopping cart) - must be at the offer price listed on the marketplace without exception.  Any requests for a different price or quantity must be made through the counteroffer process (vendor membership plan required).  The only exception are offers sent via Dealernet approved blast offer solicitations that are structured for transacting between members.

Transactions that are not properly completed  as stated above will not be covered under any payment assurance program or be eligible for the transaction assist option.

In addition, members may not directly solicit to buy/sell via Dealernet email in any form including but not limited to email threads from accepted offers or any other communication including phone, or text message utilizing information and resources found on Dealernet. 

Accepting and engaging in any type of offers that are in violation of site policy as the recipient will also constitute a violation of the Dealernet offer policies as stated.

Any infractions will immediately incur a minimum one-day suspension from the Dealernet marketplace. Fees associated with the transaction that violated the Dealernet Terms of Service will be calculated by Dealernet and assessed at the 3% default transaction rate to BOTH parties in the transaction regardless of membership tier. Subsequent infractions may lead to additional restrictions and/or account cancellation.

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