Rules for all active Dealernet members
In order to maintain good standing on Dealernet, members must act professionally at all times. 

Members are required to maintain the following metric scores:

Elite Status Standard Below Standard
Offer Acceptance Rate 90% and above 75% and above below 75%
Offer Expiration Rate less than 2% less than 4% above 4%
Average Response Time less than 12 hours less than 24 hours above 24 hours
Dealer Rating 4.90 and above 4.50 and above below 4.50


In addition, members may not receive more than 1 site policy violation in a 30 day period or have any open transaction disputes for more than 5 days without  resolution to maintain standard level status.

Metric scores are displayed and updated in real time on each member's profile page. It is imperative that all members respond to emails and offers in a timely manner and also maintain their listings on the marketplace at all times.

If you receive a notification that your metric scores are not meeting expectations, your account will be placed under review. Any member that does not maintain their metrics at or above the stated levels will automatically have their account marked at below standard level at which time they will incur a 1% transaction fee surcharge for a minimum period of 30 days or until all of their metric scores are brought to standard levels.  If a member remains below standard for 90+ consecutive days, their account will also be under review for cancellation.

Rules for Transaction Completion
Any members either initiating or engaging in activity that seeks to take any transaction off site or outside of the make offer/counteroffer process will not be tolerated.

This includes the following type of correspondence:

-Making a direct offer to a member and then including text offering a different price or QTY than what the member had listed on the marketplace (counteroffer).
-Soliciting to buy/sell any additional products or QTY in the message area of an email or an accepted offer message
-Excessive offer cancellations or any other suspicious activity that is deemed as misuse of the Dealernet site
-Any threats or unprofessional behavior by members toward another member through Dealernet messages or phone/text.
-Contacting members directly via text, phone or email regarding their listings on the Dealernet marketplace

Accounts will be reviewed periodically, and members are also instructed to notify our Help Desk if they have any issues with other members regarding site policy infractions that could negatively impact or otherwise detract from the overall site experience for all users.

Any account performing below the stated expectations or engaging in any activity deemed as detrimental to the site will potentially lose account privileges as determined solely at the discretion of Dealernet management.

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