Adding Products

Dealernet will provide listings for all products from the manufacturers listed below up to a week before release date.  

Please be aware that Dealernet does NOT permit presales of products. If you believe a product from the below manufacturers is missing from our database, please contact out Help Desk with the exact name of the product and a product URL link from a verified online source.

  • Topps
  • Panini
  • Wild Card
  • HAC
  • Superco

In addition, all officially licensed professional sports products (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL etc), Marvel, Pokemon, Yugioh, and MTG products will be added to the Dealernet marketplace upon request.

New gaming products can qualify to be added to the database by title if there is sufficient activity ($50,000+ in trades during previous 6 months)

If a product does not qualify to be added to the database, members can post buy/sell listings under OTHER for that item's specific category.

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