Expired Offers
It is imperative that every offer received must be replied to  (accept/decline/revise) as quickly as possible so that the member sending the offer does not have to wait too long holding open their pending offer.  Any private/counter offers can be declined without any impact to your metric score.  Under no circumstances should offers be left to expire without a response.  Having excessive expired offers or an offer acceptance rate below 75% may result in marketplace restrictions and/or loss of membership.  The average response time to offers is also displayed on each user's profile page for reference (should be under 24 hours).  Elite users must maintain response times of less than 8 hours on average as this is vital especially with the potential fluctuation of box prices.  The higher your offer acceptance rate and response time, the more likely you will receive offers for future listings posted on the marketplace.

Your Acceptance Rate Metric Score = accepted offers / total offers  (inc expired offers) - click on your profile page to view your updated metric scores.

A reminder should to click on your PENDING OFFERS tab daily to review any offers which require your immediate attention.  Members also have the option of cancelling a pending offer at anytime before it is responded to by the other member.  Once accepted the offer is binding and can only be cancelled if both members mutually agree to do so through by filing an ASSIST REPORT.

Vacation mode (MY B2B tab) can be used if a member is unable to check their account on a regular basis as this will temporarily remove any active offers from the marketplace to prevent unwanted offers.  Pending offers must still be responded to in a timely manner even on vacation mode.

If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please click the Help Desk.

Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges on supplies orders.
Card boxes and cases qualify for free shipping within continental US on $300+ orders.
If paying by credit card or Paypal GS, make sure to state if buyer or seller is responsible for processing fees.

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