How to Buy and Sell at Listed Prices
1. Head over to the marketplace tab and find the category of item you are looking for and its year (if sports) and click on the blue link under the product column

2. Note that Dealernet is a bid-ask marketplace.  Sell offers are the user who have your item of interest available to sell (right column) and buy offers are user who would like to purchase your boxes (left column).

3. Next to a seller's member ID, click the grey check box

4. Find and click on the green "add checked items to cart" button

5. From here you can check out or continue shopping

6. To return to your cart a later time, click on "view your cart" at the top right of any page above your ID

7. When you are ready to check out, head back to your cart and enter quantities and payment terms

8. Submit your offer!

Pre-buys can only be posted 48 hours before an item is released. Items can also be traded through counteroffers or by posting a buy/sell - both of which are subject to fees. For more information about fees on Dealernet, read our FAQ topic "How are payments processed for orders on Dealernet?"

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